i just wanna lie in someone elses bed and smoke while they play with my hair

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i can’t wait until october when there’s no sun outside and everything is cute colors and it’s cold and there are terrible horror movies on tv, my power is at its peak then

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do u ever daydream about decorating ur first apartment bc i do

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Friends trying to get me to watch a show like

Friend: "You should check out this new show it's awesome"

Me: "I don't know, I'm already watching so many"

Friend: "It's got a great storyline"

Me: ..

Friend: "There is a lesbian couple"

Me: *aggressively binge watches six seasons in a week*

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texting someone new is always weird.

like how do they feel about all lowercase letters? do they think it looks dumb? do i have to use super proper grammar and punctuation? will they know im being sarcastic when i start abbreviating words? are they a haha or lol person? are they a strict no acronyms kind of person? how do they feel about pet names? what’s their stance on emojis? 

it’s terrifying 

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"If you were my girlfriend"… finish in my ask

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what are you waiting for? by Beverly Ealdama on flickr

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Since the start of 2014 I have:

Gotten a new piercing.
Dyed my hair.
Ended a relationship.
Started a new relationship.
Been on a long car journey.
Passed an exam.
Cried on someone’s shoulder.
Had a massive fight with a boyfriend/girlfriend.
Received flowers.
Had a Valentine.
Written a letter using pen and paper.
Gone to see a therapist.
Been prescribed medication by a doctor.
Read a really good book.
Gone to the zoo.
Spent too much money on unnecessary things.
Traveled by train.
Cried over someone.
Spent a day out in the sun getting a tan.
Slammed a door out of frustration.
Had an anxiety attack.
Had a BBQ.
Gone to the fair.
Gone bowling.
Seen a film at the cinema in 3D.
Gone on a date.
Been the only sober one on a night out.
Helped someone home after they’d had too much to drink.
Stayed up all night.
Talked on the phone for over 2 hours. 
Supported someone who’d received bad news.
Watched some kind of live sporting event. 
Read an entire book in one day.
Bought a DVD the day it was released.
Eaten McDonald’s more than four times in a single week.
Cried as a result of exam stress.
Met some incredible new people.
Fallen backwards off a chair. 
Broken my glasses.
Cried over someone in my past.
Spent hours aimlessly browsing the internet. 
Thrown up.
Cried over a film.
Gone out of my way to avoid an ex-significant other.
Fought with someone in public.
Been in a relationship for a year or longer.

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why am i watching a tv show about 18 year olds getting married? 

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